15 Funniest Sports Fails GIFs

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This is a collection of 15 of the funniest sports fails and epic once available on the net. These sports fails ranging from funny sports fails 2017, sports fails 2018, sports fails 2019, funny sports fails 2019, funny fails. You will be amazed at some of these sport fails gif, as well as some funny sports bloopers videos including soccer fails for all sports lovers.

1. Greek Stretcher Bearer

This is the moment, a Greek stretcher bearer falls over and drops injured player twice in farcical scenes

2. Smart car outruns a Mustang

This is the footage showing a smart car outrunning a mustang sport car. No one saw this coming.

3. Boy bicycle-kick fail

A boy tries a bicycle-kick with a ball and you will be amazed as to where the ball heads to next

4. Dog outdoor exercise

This cure dog could not wait any longer and decides to join in the fun with all seriousness

5. A fantastic move

Wow I was dumb founded after watching how this young girl balanced the ball with her feet with such a movement

6. Basketball dunk

Now that’s how you smash the ball into the net and make your opponent look like a baby

7. Half Marathon Epic fail

A marathon runner was at the point of crossing the finish line when he got entangled in the finish line ribbon and landed on the floor

8. I am OK

This is the moment a weight lifter dropped heavy weight on her neck and she was quick to rotate her head to avoid serious injuries

9. Thug Life cycling

During a cycling competition, you could see another cyclist who is not in the race cycling on the spectator side and showing some cycling skills.

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10. Entering your racing block

See how this young athlete flips into her block position with precision

11. Perfect Execution

It takes a perfect execution to pull this off with precision

Source: gyfcat

12. Nice goal

It takes an amazing skilled footballer to pull this off and score at the same time

13. Hey Hey… watch out

A fellow baseball player tossed a baseball to his colleague who unknowingly was not looking and every effort to draw his attention failed

14. Nice flip

During a football match, a football player could be seen preventing his opponent from landing with his head first by flipping him.

15. Sacrificed two balls to save one

During a football match, a football player tried to stop the ball from going into the net but in the process he slides into the goal pole between his legs. The rest was history at that pace…


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