Amazing Tricky Brain Games that will keep you stunned

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Are you ready to have your mind and brain tested with these mind blowing puzzle, brain teaser games. In this post, we will start with some simple and easy mind puzzle games and make it harder from time to time and lets see how well you do.

Word of caution, don’t take these brain teaser games lightly as it might just get you off your feet.

Brain Teaser 1

3. Grandmother


The letter “m”

At 59 minutes. The eggs double every minute, so half full would be a minute before it was full.

Spare tire

6 + 11 + 13 = 30

4. Sister-in-Law





Outline of a Horse

The letter “w”

Tuesday, Thursday, Today, and Tomorrow

One trailer

His horse’s name was called Friday

A Candle

An electric train doesn’t emit smoke

You throw the ball straight up in the air

The horizon
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