10 Cool Easy Origami Crafts for kids to try out

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In this, we will be collating some of the best easy origami crafts for kids, cool paper crafts origami to try out at home. All the DIY crafts for kids shown in each selected videos are using materials that are easily available in any craft shops as well as supermarkets.

Bulk of the materials are paper and glue and are not harmful to the kids but when it comes to cutting these papers, adult supervision will be advisable if child is not comfortable with using scissors.

Note that some of the Origami hand crafts are easy to make while some will needs a bit time and retry to perfect it.

1. How to make a Paper Peacock

A stunning paper craft on how to make a Origami Peacock. An Easy origami work by PaperART 013.

2. How to make a Paper Windmill

A simple DIY tutorial on how to make a Paper Windmill for Kids, a Windmill making Tutorial by Techno Kri Art. A simple windmill making easy paper crafts, Do it Yourself .

3. How to make Simple 3D Paper Stars

Quick tutorial on how to make a simple 3D paper stars by Oziy Design.

4. How to fold a butterfly with of paper

Are you looking to make a paper butterfly, then checkout this video on how to fold a butterfly with paper by Basteln mit Papier: Craft ideas

5. Making a cute origami fox out of paper

Making a cute origami fox out of paper by Hello Origami. Foxes are an amazing animals, so why not try this amazing craft out and make one for your friend as well! 😉 This origami is not the easiest, but everyone can learn.

Things needed includes:

  • a square sheet of paper, on video 8×8 inches (preferably colored on one side, white on the other)
  • markers or pens to draw a muzzle

6. How to make a parrot from paper

I love parrots and so do most people love them because of their ability to talk back to you. This video is all about how to make a parrot from paper by Origami Streets.


  • Makes a square sheet of paper of any size
  • Fold the paper in the basic shape of a double square
  • And following the instructions fold a parrot

7. How to Make Paper Rabbit Step by Step

For all rabbit lovers, why not checkout this cool easy origami rabbit – How to make paper Rabbit step by step by MP Easy Origami.

8. How to make origami dresses – Origami wedding dress

This is a cool how to make an origami dress, a Origami wedding dress by bastelnmitkindern. Something the girls would love to try out.

9. High Heels Shoes

The first time I saw this craft, I was wowed by the perfection of the crafty work. So if you laddies are looking to impress your friends, try out this high heels shoes craft by Surala World – Origami.

10. How to make Origami Sword

Checkout how to make easy & simple paper sword by Techno Kri Art.