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Cryptocurrency Converter and Calculator

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency Converter and Calculator

Cryptocurrency is simply the ability to transact business, buy and sell goods online using a type of digital files as money. In essence, this is not the physical cash we are used to saving in the bank but more of an online currency.

Is Cryptocurrency Safe?

Every new technology comes with risks associated with it, and the same applies to cyptocurrency. With the associated risks, it’s up to the individual to decide if they are willing to take the risk.

On a general note, the cryptocurrency platform is developed to be fully secured and decentralized, meaning the system is not controlled by anyone party or even the government.

Do you pay taxes on Cryptocurrency?

When you buy or own crypto, it does not incur any cryptocurrency taxes. If you decide to sell or dispose of your cyptoasset, you may need to pay capital gains tax. The same applies to individuals who receive digital currency from their employer as the individual will be required to pay income tax and national insurance (UK).

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