Use the below simple, free real-time currency converter calculator to calculate the current exchange rate for any currency.

Now within a split second, you can easily convert US dollars into Pounds and vice-versa. This powerful currency converter calculator can convert all foreign currencies as well; be it Euro, Canadian Dollars, US Dollars, or Australian Dollars. This free online currency converter calculator can convert 195+ world currencies into the desired currency with popular cryptocurrencies.

Currency Converter Calculator

EUR/USD: CurrencyRate.Today

It automatically updates the exchange rates with support for multiple languages: English, Русский, Italiano, Français, Español, Deutsch, 中国, Português, 日本語, Bahasa Indonesia, हिन्दी.

How To Use The Currency Converter Calculator

Free Currency Converter Calculator

To use this currency calculator, start by entering the amount you want to convert in the amount box. Next, select the source currency you want to convert from the drop-down. Then select from the drop-down box, the destination currency you are converting to.

Since everything is auto calculated, the result of your conversion value will be displayed immediately below.

You also have a small button that allows you to switch between the currencies automatically in reverse. This means if you converted from USD to Pounds, you can immediately convert from Pounds to USD by simply clicking on the switch button.

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