Funny gag videos 2020

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A collection of some of the best funny gag videos 2020 ever made and credit to creators for making this videos. They really do make once day and you can re-watch these videos over and over again anytime you are bored.

#1 Funny cows

Credit: Markiplier

#2 Funny hens

Credit: Unknown

#3 Funny cat face

Credit: Mr. Mark

#4 Funny boy break dancing with sledgehammer

Credit: Unknown

#5 Funny girl screening on roller coaster

Credit: @afvofficial

#6 Amazing vapor trick

Credit: @vaustinl

#7 Funny valentine gifts

Credit: Unknown

#8 How to take good photograph shots

Credit: @blossom

#9 Funny I like them big, I like them plumpy

Credit: @shlofolina

#10 Funny girl with funny facial expression


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