Looking for a simple percentage calculator to help find the percentage of a given number? Find most common types of percentage calculations below.

What is a Percentage?

A percentage is any ratio or number that is divided by 100. Percentage is usually represented by the percent sign (%), or by an abbreviation (pct). The actual meaning of percent is per hundred which refers to a number being divided by 100.

Simple Percentage Calculator

Finding the percentage of any number is not very difficult and anyone with limited knowledge of math should be able to perform the calculation with a little refresher course.

What is X percent of Y?

Lets start with an example: If you go for shopping to get a pair of sun glasses and the glasses are on sale for 30% off the original price of £50. How much do you think you think you will be saving for the sun glasses?

Percentage Calculator (X percent of Y)



This is calculated by multiplying 30 x 50 = 1500. Then multiply that result by 0.01 (100%) and that result to £15. This value means that you will be saving £15 from the original cost of £50 which means you will be paying just £35 instead of £50.

What is the percentage increase from X to Y?

For example, you if your landlord sends you a rent increase notice indicating that your rent will increase from $600 to $660 per week the coming year. What will your rent increase percentage be?

To calculate the percentage increase, X will be 600 while Y will be 660 in this case. If you enter the numbers in the calculator below, you will notice that your rent went up by 10%.

Percentage Calculator (% increase from X to Y?)



The formula for percentage increase is: ((Y-X)/X)*100

What is the percentage decrease from X to Y?

This is the reverse of above formula. So using same sample above assuming this time your rent decreased from £660 to £600. Then the percentage decrease will be about 9.09%. Try this using the calculator below:

Percentage Calculator (% decrease from X to Y?)



The formula for percentage increase is: ((X-Y)/X)*100

X is what percent of Y?

This calculation is finding what the percentage of a given value is off the actual value. A good example is when you go shopping for a product, the market value for that product for instance is £100 but the seller decides to show some generosity by giving you £10 off the price meaning you will be paying just £90. What percentage is £10 to £100?

Percentage Calculator (X what percent of Y)




The formula for this calculation is (X/Y)*100 where X is the discounted value (£10) while Y is the original value (£100). So (10/100)*100 = 10%.

These online simple percentage calculator provides you with the most convenient way of calculating percentages such as increase in percentage, decrease in percentage, percentage x of y, and other percentage scenario.

How to Convert Fraction to Percentage

Converting fraction to percentage is pretty straight forward. You simply divide the upper number by the lower number and multiply the result by 100%. A simple example is converting 3/9 to percentage. Use our fraction to percentage calculator below:

Percentage Calculator (Fraction to Percentage)




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