Woman taunts lion – Bronx Zoo

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A video had just surfaced showing a woman appearing to taunt a fully grown mail lion in its den and doing a little dance in front of the lion. This incident took place on Bronx Zoo. The lion looked confused as to what it was seeing and did not attempt to attack.

Hernán Reynoso, who filmed the incident told New York’s NBC 4 he at first thought the bizarre scene was just part of an exhibit.

According to Reynoso – “But when I see … she just was there, dancing, saying, ‘Hi,’ to the lion and everything and that was crazy,”.

This action was a serious violation and unlawful trespass that could have resulted in serious injury or death,” the spokesperson said in a statement. “Barriers and rules are in place to keep both visitors, staff and animals safe. We have a zero-tolerance policy on trespass and violation of barriers.